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Trade Status:

My wants list is only meant for trading items with other sellers! I am not looking to purchase these items.

Body Jewelry!
-0g Blue on White Star Plug
-0g Black on Translucent Glitter Hot Pink Star Plug
-1g-1/2" (SS, STONE, ACRYLICS)

-Gift Certificates (must be able to use in Canada & US)
-Dark t-shirt transfers

-Anything Mamegoma!
-Harajuku Lovers Cupcake Cosmetic Case
-Nyan Nyan Nyanko anything!
-Black Rilakkuma Tote Bag
-Burnt Bun (Kogepan) anything :)
-Pool Cool Ghost Festival Sponge Sticker Sheet
-Crux Obake Jumbo Sticker Sheet
-Kamio Awa Awa Chan Nylon Hand Bag
-Kamio Japan *Happy Sweets* Sticker Sack
-Kamio Japan *Happy Ice Cream* Sticker Sack
-Horo Scopy Kids Sticker Sack
-Cram Cream makeup bags

{memos or memo pads of any of these:}
-Ghost girl
-Kamio, Horror House
-Kamio, "Kawaii Ghost"
-Ghost Around the World
-Monster Party
-Kamio, Ghost party/Obakechan Ghosts
-Medical Stitch Bunnies
-Crux, Soup Pot Buddies
-Kuroe Mini Memo Pad
-Q-lia Sweet Menu Memo
-Crux Music Rock Small Memo Pad
-Crux Pekepan to Pikko Small Memo Pad
-Monotone Panda memo pad

-Drop Dead t-shirts sz. M womens
-Cute totebags (CRAM CREAM!!)

Craft supplies !
-18" chains
-Full rolls of rubber cord.
-Clear glaze for clay
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-REPLICA white/brown LV, Louis Vitton print ankle socks Imported from Hong Kong 80%cotton 30%spandex (sz:9-11) |$5

Trade/partial trade?
Sorry I didn't see anything I liked :/
If you want I can give them to you for $4 shipped?
When you say lobster clasp chains, do you mean the full piece? Because I have seperate lobster clasps, if you want them. I found a bracelet that I want to make a trade for.

Thank you!!
Seperate or full is fine :)
Sure which bracelet would you like?
I would like the yellow wrist cuff. I will most likely send them out on Saturday, is that okay? They are not real silver, mind you.

Saturday will be fine. How many will you be sending?
You can e-mail me your address at:

I have charms.

would u like to buy anything on my lj ?
lmk :D